The beginning: How does LocalCloud help to get your web projects online?

Visualize this - you've designed an impressive prototype or perhaps a Minimum Viable Product (MVP) for your SaaS, web, or IoT project. It's running seamlessly on your local machine, and now it's time to broadcast your masterpiece online.

However, what if:

  • The realm of DevOps is uncharted territory for you
  • Managing servers is beyond your time constraints and knowledge
  • Hiring a DevOps engineer seems too costly
  • You're apprehensive about being tied down to AWS, GC, Heroku, and other PaaS and IaaS
  • You're already comfortably using Git, storing your code on platforms like GitHub or Bitbucket

In such scenarios, LocalCloud comes to your rescue, saving you both time and money. The concept is straightforward – it allows you to deploy projects onto practically any server (DigitalOcean, Linode, OVH, and others) straight from a git repository. You can simply push your code to the "master" branch, making it accessible at Push it to the "dev" branch, and your changes will appear at, and so on. Even without DevOps know-how, LocalCloud is an effortless tool. Moreover, if you're a DevOps engineer, it can still be a significant time-saver.

For instance, you might be developing a microSaaS, which includes frontend (like Next.js), backend (Node.js or Go), several microservices (to process payments, media files, emails), and a blog platform (Ghost). Your frontend, backend, and microservices all require different environments - "production" for end-users and "development" for testing changes pre-production. The question is, how do you manage to deploy all these components efficiently? LocalCloud steps in here, enabling you to deploy all project services and applications in just 5-10 minutes on any servers equipped with public IP addresses and Ubuntu 22.04LTS.

You can choose to deploy everything on a single server to trim down cloud costs (though it's not the best practice), or you can spread your backend across servers from different providers, redirecting user requests to the nearest data center for optimal performance. Sounds intriguing? Follow us on Twitter and request your invite at to discover firsthand how LocalCloud can revolutionize your project deployment process while minimizing costs.