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What is LocalCloud?

LocalCloud: Your Source-Available, Cloud-Agnostic Deployment Platform

LocalCloud is a versatile open-source alternative to proprietary PaaS/CI services like Heroku, Render, and It goes beyond the typical offerings - providing a cloud-agnostic solution for deploying web and IoT projects. With features like autoscaling, CI/CD, TLS certificates, VPN, and localhost tunnels, LocalCloud ensures you can deploy on any cloud provider or Raspberry Pi within minutes, free from vendor lock-in.

Key Features of LocalCloud

Effortless Startup, Zero DevOps Expertise Needed

Getting started with LocalCloud is straightforward:

  1. Order a cloud server.
  2. Install LocalCloud using a single command.

Prefer a hands-off approach? Opt for the fully managed LocalCloud, starting at 9 EUR (2 vCPU / 2GB).

Truly Multi-Cloud and Cloud-Agnostic

LocalCloud flexibly works with almost any cloud provider, allowing you to deploy applications across various data centers. The only requirements for a cloud server are a public IP address, SSH access, and Ubuntu 22.04.

Developer-Centric Approach

At its core, LocalCloud is API-driven, enabling full control via API. Additionally, CLI and Web Console are available for intuitive project management. Deploying a web server with a Dockerfile in the repository on a cloud server is as simple as a single request.

Enhanced Security

LocalCloud establishes a robust VPN connecting cloud servers (across different data centers) and local devices (laptops, desktops, Raspberry Pis). This setup ensures all communications are securely transmitted over the VPN. It also enables local web servers to be exposed publicly with automatic HTTPS.

Additional Features

  • No-Ops and no need for infrastructure management.
  • Supports a wide range of environments, including static websites, Node.js, Golang.
  • CI & CD are included
  • VPN/VPC for secure connection between diverse servers and local devices.
  • Adaptable to both horizontal and vertical scalability.
  • Suitable for singular server usage.
  • Easy public exposure of local web servers with automatic HTTPS and custom domains.
  • Custom domains with HTTPS support.
  • Compatible with any VPS/cloud/dedicated server running Ubuntu 22.04 LTS.
  • Operational on single-board computers like Raspberry Pi.
  • Unlimited project environments.
  • Environment-specific custom domains.
  • Flexibility with GitOps or Push-to-Deploy models.
  • SSH access for direct server management.
  • Detailed resource usage monitoring.
  • Community-driven and continuously evolving as an open-source platform.

Discover how LocalCloud can make your life easier at the LocalCloud Blog.